By Javacia Harris Bowser, See Jane Write Magazine Founding Editor


It’s about to be that time again; it’s almost time to blog like crazy!

Last year I challenged the women of See Jane Write and some of my other blogger buddies to “blog like crazy.” The challenge was simple: for the month of November post new content to your blog every day. That’s a new blog post every day for the 30 days. Sure, it sounds simple, but if you’re a blogger you know that posting every day is a lot easier said than done.

But many ladies of See Jane Write gladly stepped up to the challenge, posting daily and sharing their posts in the See Jane Write Birmingham Facebook group and on Twitter using the hashtag #bloglikecrazy.

Starting Nov. 1 we’re going to #bloglikecrazy again this year. I hope you’ll join us. You don’t have to be a member of See Jane Write or live in Birmingham to participate. You just need a blog and willingness to write.

I’ll be blogging like crazy at my personal blog The Writeous Babe Project.

You may be wondering why you should bother blogging every day. Some people believe that writing daily can kill your creativity or result in sub-par content. While I believe there is some truth in those statements I also believe in the power of practice. Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones explained this notion best:

This is the practice school of writing. Like running, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Some days you don’t want to run and you resist every step of the three miles, but you do it anyway. You practice whether you want to or not. You don’t wait around for inspiration and deep desire to run. It’ll never happen, especially if you’re out of shape or have been avoiding it. But if you run regularly, you train your mind to cut through or ignore your resistance. You just do it. And in the middle of the run, you love it. When you come to the end, you never want to stop. And you stop, hungry for the next time.

This summer I exercised every day for 30 days as I was working to complete Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred workout plan. This meant that one night, after a very busy day and an evening spent at a friend’s birthday dinner, I had to exercise at 10:30 p.m. with a belly full of Indian food. But I was determined not to skip a day. That month I likened exercise to brushing my teeth and in November I’ll do the same with blogging. You don’t skip brushing your teeth because you’re too tired or too busy, do you? (I sure hope not.)

I believe that choosing not to write simply because you don’t feel like will, in the long run, hurt your craft because you won’t learn the discipline and dedication necessary to succeed at writing.

You may be thinking, “But what if I have nothing to write about?”

Don’t worry. I have you covered. Below are prompts for each day of #bloglikecrazy. Now, you don’t have to follow these prompts to participate. But these suggestions are here in case you find yourself experiencing blogger’s block and staring at a blank computer screen.

If you plan to participate in #bloglikecrazy leave your blog URL and your Twitter handle in the comments and please spread the word to your friends.

Thanks to Carol Marks at for creating this graphic for us!
Thanks to Carol Marks at for creating this graphic for us!

#bloglikecrazy writing prompts

1. November Intentions. What are your goals and intentions for the month?

2. Why do you blog? Why are you choosing to #bloglikecrazy this month?

3. How do you blog? Tell your readers about your writing process.

4. Shelf Pleasure. Tell us what you’re reading right now or tell us about your favorite books.

5. Currently. Share with your readers what you’re into at the moment. Check out this post for ideas:

6. What’s your favorite TED Talk? Share one of your favorite TED Talk videos and tell us why you love it.

7. Blogging Bucket List. What are your goals for your blog and for yourself as a blogger?

8. There’s an app for that! Tell your readers about your favorite apps.

9. Hey Girl. Write a post in honor of girlhood.

10. What do you believe in?

11. Liberty. How do you define freedom?

12. Shout out your tweeps! Tell us who you follow on Twitter and why.

13. Write a how-to piece.

14. Write a how NOT to piece. Check out this post for inspiration:

15. Body Beautiful. Write a post celebrating a part of your body.

16. Who What Wear. Write a post about fashion or beauty. Yes, even if you’re not a fashion or beauty blogger.

17.  What about your friends? Write a post celebrating friendship.

18. Controversy. Write a post on a controversial topic.

19. Tube Time. Do a video blog post.

20. Mission Possible. Write your personal mission statement or manifesto. You can find examples here, here, and here.

21. Q&A. Do a Q&A with someone you admire.

22. Write a post on how to beat burnout.

23. See Jane Eat. You’re probably thinking a lot about food right now as you are preparing for Turkey Day! Write a blog post about food.

24. Fan Girl. Write a post about something you totally geek out about.

25. A Writer and Her Workout. Write a post about fitness.

26. Girl Power Playlist. Share your favorite pro-woman anthems or your personal musical mantra.

27. Family. With the holidays on the horizon, you’re probably thinking a lot about how much you love your family (or not). Write a post about those folks you call your kin.

28. Happy Thanksgiving! Write a post expressing gratitude.

29. All I Want for Christmas… Share your holiday wish list.

30. Now what? What did you learn from this challenge? What’s next for your blog and for you?