At See Jane Write we believe every woman has a story worth sharing and we believe every woman should live a life worth writing about. We’re here to help you do both.

Writing has been your passion since you were a girl.

As an adult you’ve wanted to pursue this passion but you were never quite sure where to start.

You want to write books, see your byline in your favorite publications, share your story and help other people share their stories, too. But you also want to write on your own terms. You want freedom. And you’re a woman who appreciates nice things, so you have no interest in the so-called starving artist lifestyle.

Convinced you couldn’t be a writer and live the life you wanted, you settled for a career doing something else. You’re smart, driven, enterprising, and creative, so you’re good at your job. But you yearn for something else, for something more. And you know that if you never go after your dreams you’ll always ask yourself “What if…?”

You’ve realized that to become the woman you want to be, you must remember the girl you used to be — a girl who wanted to write, a girl who wrote simply because she couldn’t help herself.

You’ve realized that you can take your intelligence, determination, creativity and even your entrepreneurial spirit and put them to work for yourself and your writing career, not just your boss and your day job.

See Jane Write exists to help you every step of the way by not only giving you the information you need to grow your career as a writer and entrepreneur but also by giving you the encouragement and support you need to put the information into action.

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